Chaplian Yee to speak tomorrow at Western

He has been in the news. Bellingham Herald did a quick article about him and his upcoming speaking engagement at Western.

This description from WWU website also reflects what was said in the Herald.

“For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire”
Chaplain James (Yusef) Yee, a third-generation Chinese American and West Point graduate. Chaplain Yee represented Muslims in the military in Guantanamo, was imprisoned on false charges of spying and espionage, honorably discharged, and now speaking on his experiences.
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I’ve collected for you a few snippets from various papers that tell a less rosy view of Chaplain Yusef Yee.

Yee also had ties to Syria that apparently drew investigators’ attention: His wife, Huda, is Syrian. He met her while studying Islam in Damascus in the late 1990s, as he prepared to become one of the Army’s first Muslim chaplains. (Born in New Jersey and raised a Lutheran, he converted to Islam in 1991.)

On March 22, Yee was called to a non-criminal hearing where he received a reprimand on the adultery and pornography charges.

As Yee’s parents, wife and 4-year-old daughter watched, Navy Lt. Karyn Wallace testified under immunity about her affair with Yee.

But Army officials dismissed all criminal charges last month, saying national security concerns prevented them from seeking a court-martial in open court.

When the Army dropped six criminal counts against Yee in March, military officials said they did so to avoid making sensitive information public” not because he was innocent. An Army general stressed that again in April, when he took the unusual step of removing the case from Yee’s permanent military record.

Wally Wonders Why so many are raising this guy up on an ivory tower. I don’t see that he did anything worthy of praise. What he did was legally avoid punishments for crimes that he is so clearly in guilt. I find nothing commendable in his actions.


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