Mexica Movement

I expect you’ll be hearing more from this group. Just thought we should know something about them.

Among the many groups participating in the Los Angeles protest was the Mexica Movement (MM), an activist immigration organization that does not recognize the United States as a legitimate nation with any right to exist.

– Believes that North America was unjustly “stolen” from its rightful owners by white Europeans
– Rejects the legitimacy of any North or Central American nation named or established by Europeans
– Advocates open borders
– Accuses white Europeans of committing genocide (thru smallpox WMD) against indigenous inhabitants of North America
– Calls for the expulsion of all whites from North America

Wally Wonders Why people can’t keep it in the here and now. People have invaded, conquered and killed each other for as long as we can dig up the history. Blacks to whites, asiatic to blacks, whites to asiatics and so on and so on. No race was immune to brutality. In the here and now, there are democratic nations around the world, such as the US and Canada, where many races and backgrounds live together in a fair system of government without killing each other to be heard.

And by the way, they claim rights as the indigenous peoples of the Americas, tracing there proud history back to the Olmec, who they claim as the mother of the Aztec, Maya etc. And who were the Olmec? Most say they were from Africa, primarily Mandingo & Egyptian. They came in parallel with aisiatic tribes that immigrated over the ice bridge in Alaska. So great civilizations of the “indigenous” people were created with knowledge and culture exported from Africa.

Wally Wonders Why all races don’t leave the America’s. And I mean everyone, no more people at all. Just let the deer and the antelope play. After all, no race is truly indigenous to the Americas.

P.S. Europeans did unknowingly spread lethal diseases which no doubt killed alot of people. But if they knew enough about diseases to use them as a WMD, then they would also know it could have gone the other way. An American disease killing all the Europeans that showed up.

Some information is from Discover the Network

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