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from Bellingham Herald 4-12-06

Minuteman concerns prompt visit from human rights panel
County officials say no complaints have been filed.

…the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office has received no filed complaints about local Minuteman observers, said Undersheriff Carey James.

The FBI, which also would have jurisdiction over alleged hate crimes, has not received any complaints about the local Minuteman detachment, said Jim Powers, Bellingham’s senior resident agent

Marc Brenman, the executive director of the commission, said concerns over the Minuteman group’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric” on the Internet spurred the meeting, scheduled for April 27

“A lot of issues in discrimination is perception,” Brenman said. “It’s frightening for these people to think someone is watching them and keeping an eye out for them.”

So why are they coming?

In another internet article Marc Brenman stated that 80% of what they do is in response to complaints.

So, if the Washington State Human Rights Commission responds primarily to complaints, and there have been no complaints, then why are they coming?

Yes, Wally wonders why they are coming here.

Is it really the “concerns over the Minuteman group’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric” on the Internet” I don’t think so. I think Marc Brenman has been spending too much time with the wrong crowd. In fact, last December Marc Brenman took part in an anti-Minuteman style workshop right here in Bellingham. He was quoted as saying “This [Minuteman Project] is a precursor to domestic terrorism.”

How can this visit be an objective look at “Minuteman concerns” when Marc has already condemned the group? The answer is simply that it won’t.

Here is the roster from that meeting of Dec ’05. It won’t take much research to find that these people and groups all fall into the anti-right category.

Paul de Armond, Research Director, Public Good Project
Devin Burghart, Director, Building Democracy Initiative, Center for New Community
David Neiwert, journalist/author/blogger, Orcinus
Jay Taber, author of Blind Spots and War of Ideas

Genevieve Aguilar, ACLU NW Regional Director
Magdaleno Rose-Avila, Executive Director, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Jerry Hebert, Washington State Human Rights Commissioner
Adriana Jasso, American Friends Service Committee
Brandi Bratrude, journalism student, Western Washington University
Marc Brenman, Executive Director, Washington State Human Rights Commission
Michele Lefkowith, Investigative Researcher, Anti-Defamation League
Patrick Manz, Researcher, Anti-Defamation League
Rick Eaton, Senior Researcher, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Snider Social Action Institute
Sheila O’Donnell, ACE Investigations
Connie Stringer, Board Member, Rural Organizing Project
John Widenoja, Rural Organizing Project

Late edition to this post:

I’ve included a bit more information which raises more questions and provides some answers. I’m sure there are more facts than these floating around.

Sept ’05 – Larry Estrada of WWU supports city council resolution against minuteman project.

Dec ’05 – Marc Brenman meets with Larry Estrada at WWU with regards to sharing information and data. During that trip Mr. Brenman also made statement about Minuteman being precursor to domestic terrorism.

Early March article about Larry Estrada being dangerous due to his connection to MechA. He was one of the founders and is advisor to group at WWU

Late March to early April – WWU MechA chapter organizes several rallies

April 10 – Whatcom Democratic Rally features Rosalinda Guillen telling the Convention about Aguila Del Norte Legal Observer Program, the guys who started watching the Minuteman. And guess what Larry Estrada just happened to be there also.

April 12 – Go figure, Marc Brenman just happen to have concerns? I think it is more likely Larry Estrada’s concerns.


Monday, September 26, 2005, 07:00 PM
Larry Estrada, 516 Sudden Valley expressed his support of professional border enforcement and other law enforcement agencies and supports a resolution opposing the Minuteman project.

— Dennis A. Lane
On December 1-3, 2204, I attended a state-wide Human Rights Conference in Tacoma, hosted by the Washington State Human Rights Commission
It was also the resounding theme amongst the various organizations to find ways of keeping in touch with and sharing our information, data and status of human rights in our communities. The Human Rights Commission was strongly encouraged to take on the role of clearinghouse and provide some of the infrastructure to keep these statewide organizations connected. This was again echoed at a recent meeting (12/10) here in Bellingham in which Dr. Damani Johnson, Dr. Larry Estrada and I met with Marc Brenman, the Executive Director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

WWU professor on author’s list of ‘dangerous’ academics
Saturday, March 4, 2006
John Stark
Bellingham Herald
Western Washington University’s Larry Estrada pleads guilty to most of the things David Horowitz says about him in his new book “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.” Estrada is the organization’s adviser at WWU. He also acknowledges he was one of hundreds of student participants in the 1969 conference where MEChA originated, although he does not claim the “founder” honor that Horowitz’s book bestows on him.

Monday, April 10, 2006
Whatcom County Democrats – Bigger, Better
Rosalinda Guillen tells the Convention about Aguila Del Norte Legal Observer Program.
Speakers and attendees at Saturday’s convention included state Rep. Kelli Linville, D-Bellingham, Western Washington University professor Larry Estrada

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