WMD stupid statement of the day

Comes from a letter in the opinion section of today’s herald.

“President Bush claimed that Iraq had biological weapons and chemical weapons and that the United States must attack in order to forestall attack from Iraq. The United States attacked Iraq, Iraq did not attack the United States, and no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq.”

Saddam is on trial at this very moment for genocide of Iraqi’s and Iranians. The estimates range from thousands to over 100,000 killed with mustard gas and nerve agents. Only an idiot would claim that he didn’t have WMD’s. He had them, he used them in the past, and threatened to use them in the future. Given his history, only idiots would think this was an empty threat.

Wally wonders why there are so many idiots. Read the released Iraqi documents instead of watching the US news. Then you will understand why we went into Iraq and you won’t be an idiot any longer.

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