Put smoking back in Bars

This was a letter to the editor a while back. I see that a slightly edited version was printed today, so I thought I would post it. I’ve added a PS to what was sent to the herald.

Put Smoking back in Bars

I wasn’t for the smoking ban in bars. I thought that it was up to the employees to choose to work in that environment or not. Our wonderful free market society gave birth to many smoke free bars before the law came along. I’ve been to a few and it was a nice feeling to go home not stinking of smoke. So the law has protected the worker. But now there are drunk and semi-drunk smokers crowding the sidewalk outside the now open doors of bars. Many of them using the F-word as much as you would expect from someone drunk in a bar, except they are not in the bar anymore.

The worker and patrons no longer have to choose between smoking and non-smoking bars. But now I have to choose between walking my kids through the drunken bar crowd or the drunken lounge crowd when we go the video store Saturday evening.

Unintended consequences are a B-word, aren’t they?


P.S. Upon reading our anti-smoking law I find that these crowds must move 25 feet from the doors or windows of the bars. This would create one merged super crowd right in front of the video store.

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