New Protest Groups

New Protest Groups

Street racers association against speed traps

Armed robbers march in protest of prisons.

Sex offenders rally against Jessica’s Law


Would you take these groups seriously? Well AP and several other news sources might.

They regularly report on illegal aliens who are against immigration reform. Isn’t that just as silly?

From AP story in Bellingham Herald:

“If we don’t protest they’ll never hear us,” said Oscar Cruz, 23, a construction worker who marched in San Diego. Cruz, who came illegally to the U.S. in 2003, said he had feared a crackdown but felt emboldened by the large marches across the country in recent weeks.

Wally would expect most if not all of the millions of illegal aliens to be against enforcing immigration and immigration reform. What is the story there?

What bugs me more is the way the media is mixing “immigrant” with “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” How do you know what’s being protested?

This Also from AP:

The Mexican-born high school senior was among about 30,000 who marched through St. Paul in support of immigrant rights, and among more than half a million people who rallied Sunday in 10 states. Dozens more marches were planned nationwide Monday.

So this person is for immigrant rights? But what does that mean? Is he in support of rights for illegal immigrants, legal immigrants or both? And what rights is he talking about? I am for rights being granted to a person who legally immigrates, but against granting rights to illegal aliens. I might be for changing a few laws to allow easier legal immigration, but I am not for more laws that won’t be enforced.

Wally wonders why media is so much into reporting the passion some people have for protest and so little into facts surrounding the issues. Demand facts. Don’t let this issue become media fodder.

Are you for or against immigration reform?

Don’t answer that question before asking more questions.

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