Letter to Editor of Bellingham Herald regarding protest reporting.

Poor coverage of recent protests.

Why didn’t the Bellingham Herald have the guts to report the truth about recent organized protests in Bellingham? Your coverage made it sound like it was spontaneous passion amongst students that lead to these protests. If you read WWU’s Western Front you’d find that this and many other recent protest across the country were part of an organized plan by student chapters of MechA. And what is MechA’s interest in this? Oh just eventually moving the Mexican border north to include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California and making the U.S. a nation of 46 states. Try reporting the facts. When, where, and why. I’m betting that this was taught in Journalism 101.


P.S. – This wasn’t in the letter to the editor

Take a look at some of the photos from from the big rallies around the country. Do you also see AIM militia in red berets? American Indian Movement. More people who want to reconquista and more evidence of people who are not interested in becoming Americans. And does anyone remember Ward Churchill? He’s one of the big “chiefs” in AIM. He also has the distinction of being the guy who proclaimed that the victims of 9/11 got what they deserved.

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