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Synopsis of compromised immigrations system:

— Here less than 2 years – must leave. If caught twice then charged with felony.

— Here 2-5 years – declare presence and then they can stay and start citizenship process.

–Here over 5 years – prove it then you are guest worker and start citizenship process.

Wally wonders why anyone would volunteer that they have been here less than 2 years. Look for a huge rush of illegal aliens coming across the border to claim they have been here 2 years.

I suspect there must be more to the system because this really leaves us with a 2 tier system. Those who are willing to declare their presence and those who for some reason don’t want authorities to know they are here.

Illegal aliens were dirt cheap labor and somewhat limited in their drain on our assistance programs, because they wanted to fly under the radar so as not to be sent home. Imagine the increased burden on our welfare system now that we will have millions of new “legal” residents. Because people, who now have the right to be in the US, will be demanding that they are taken care of by the US.

Get ready for some hefty tax increases. Oh, and remember that our new low income “legal” residents won’t make enough to pay taxes.

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