Offering an alternative to “top 10 for Iraq war”

Bellingham Herald contained a letter to the editor today that tried at being a witty top 10 list. In case you haven’t seen it I’ve listed it here along with my Wally view alternative.

About the Iraq War:

1. The United States spends billions of dollars halfway around the world.
–Wally: US spent billions over a decade containing Iraq for the world, but not stopping them from aiding terrorists plotting to have us dead.

2. Over 2,000 American soldiers killed – for what?
–Wally: Over 3,000 people die on 9/11 and countless thousands more due to nations that sponsor terrorists. And for what?

3. Muslims learn to hate Americans and teach young to kill Americans.
–Wally: Islam has always taught hateful actions against Americans and other who value religious freedom. This has been their way since before we existed as a nation. Now at least some may have educational and religious choice without a death sentence.

4. Other nations have become unfriendly and distrust Americans.
–Wally: Other nations were already unfriendly and distrustful. And now some of them are also fearful.

5. Inflation is rampant.
–Wally: Inflation is not rampant

6. Education of young neglected.
–Wally: U.S. education system is well funded and offers an incredible learning opportunity.

7. Highways and railroads are obsolete.
–Wally: U.S. has one of the best, if not the best highway system in world.

8. Get out of Iraq.
–Wally: When the time is right, we should get out of Iraq and on to the next battle in the War on Terror.

9. Politicians must be corrupt or dumb.
–Wally: Thank God we have the Bush administration during this crisis instead of some dumb or corrupt politicians.

10. Time for some common sense.
–Wally: Time for some common sense.

Wally wonders why he doesn’t think the herald will print his version of the list?

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