Followup to 3/31/06 post regarding Level III Sex Offender.

KGMI today is reporting that Micheal Gasper/Michael LaDue has his own business as a home inspector. Cascade Structural Inspections (CSI) :)? They are saying that he does home inspections and you could be unknowingly inviting a Level III sex offender into your home. I didn’t hear the whole story so I don’t know if they told you that he still isn’t on the registered list.

Wally found much more than just this about “Michael” by doing a Google search for the names. If you want to try this at home, remember these 2 tips.

1. Many people have the same names so don’t jump to conclusions. Use some common sense. Is this guy the well published Harvard professor or the motorcyclist that people refer to as a felon, from the NW, a liar, etc.

2. When stuff happens, web pages start disappearing quick. Look at what is in the google cache after a search. It may be the contents of a page that has recently been deleted. You’ll see what others didn’t want you to see.

Wally wonders why we don’t keep these types in jail.

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