The Bellingham Herald / Local / Judge Becker speaks Sunday

The Bellingham Herald / Local / Judge Becker speaks Sunday

I read this today and had to send off a letter to the editor. More as a treatment for hypertension than for any expectation that it will ever be printed.

I read your press release today regarding peace activist Judge Mary Kay Becker speaking at an International Human Rights Day event. Will you also be running a press release for some of the same anti-US sponsors, i.e. Veterans for Peace and “other community groups” (Whatcom Peace & Justice Center) as they host another event in support of a US military deserter? Here is the invitation from the WPJC:

“Whatcom Peace & Justice Center and Veterans for Peace host a supper, dessert, and talk with Iraq War Resister Kyle Snyder on Friday, December 15, at WPJC, 100 E. Maple Street (corner of Cornwall and E. Maple, two blocks south of our previous location downtown). Supper will be served post-peace vigil at 5:15. Kyle Snyder will speak at 6:30.”

So if you are an anti-US activist then you know where to go. And if you are in local law enforcement then you know where to go also, but first call US Army Deserter Information Point at (502) 626-3711/3712/3713 or visit their website

I am not impressed with your papers ability to aid those who wish to tear our nation apart.


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