Global Warming or Global Cooling?

It doesn’t surprise me that the Herald would run alarmist stories about supposed global warming.  And it doesn’t even surprise me that there was a letter to the editor published that urged people to go see Former Vice President Al Gore’s political junk science fiction movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”  I don’t surprise that easy.  However, I was a bit surprised that the letter writers were offering to waste their money to pay for others to go.

Here is an inconvenient truth that doesn’t surprise me either. We have very little, almost negligible effect on global temperatures. If the earth is going to warm or cool, we can no more stop it than we can stop day from becoming night or winter from becoming spring. It is not in our power. Anyone who could be bothered to read a book on our climate would find this out right way. There are many available locally in the Whatcom County Library System.  Reading non-fiction books from the library is free, and won’t help Mr. Gore’s presidential campaign.  It’s a win win situation.

Here is the abbreviated version. Global temperatures are primarily controlled by:

Astonomical cycles
spinning earth – 24 hr cycle
earth orbit around sun – 1 yr cycle
Solar cycles – 11yr and 206 yr cycles
earth tilt and elliptical orbit – 21,000 yr cycle
earth orbit wobble – 41,000 year cycle
elliptical variation in earth’s orbit – 100,000 yr cycle

Tectonic causes
Movement of land masses cause variation in ocean currents

Atmospheric causes
Variations in to cloud cover, snow cover and things like volcanic dust
Heat retention from atmospheric gases: water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc.
*** these are the greenhouse gases***

As far as I know we humans have no effect on either Astronomical or Tectonic events. If anyone thinks they do, I’d like to see them prove it.  And as for the dreaded greenhouse gases, man’s current contribution is estimated at less than 0.5% of total gases.

That’s it!

We have no control over more than 99.5% of greenhouse gases.

We have less than 0.5% influence on the most minor of the minor influences on global temperatures. That is smaller than the Grinch’s heart was before he met up with Cindy Loo Whoo.

The best thing we can do with regards to climate change is face the inconvenient truth that the climate will change without regard for what we humans do or don’t do.  We should collect data, compare to cycles and history, try to predict the next change.  The best estimates say that we are nearing the end of a warming cycle and the earth will soon begin to cool.  We should be preparing for our real science future rather than the Al Gore money grubbing junk science future.

I say we should stop buying Arab oil and pump the heck out of the Arctic before it becomes inaccessible under massive layers of ice.  I’ll also throw in that we are one of the cleanest nations in the world and we got that way not because of Al Gore, but rather because we care about are nation.

Here’s how I respond to greenhouse alarmists; I say that we humans have about the same effect on global warming as a speck of dust on a Prius effects it’s gas mileage.

There that is Wally’s Inconvenient Truth.

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