Caught up in Christmas

The last couple of posts have been pretty heavy, so I really didn’t want to read any news this morning. But since I can’t really keep myself from it I went with only Christmas themed writings. Here is what I found. Don’t miss the last link, Jacqueline Cartier uses the word Christmas liberally throughout her great blog post.

Local News | | News for Seattle, Washington

Airport puts away holiday trees rather than risk being “exclusive”

Airport Christmas trees removed

A Merry ‘Little’ Christmas at SeaTac

Oy Vey! That “War On Christmas!

Tree lighting downtown a community tradition – Bellingham Herald

Consider cost of holiday lighting – Bellingham Herald

TIS THE SEASON…By Jacqueline Cartier, KGMI

12/12/06 – It’s all OK in Seattle now.

The Seattle Times: Local News: Christmas trees are going back up at Sea-Tac airport

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