Still Remodeling

I’m still remodeling and learning WordPress, so don’t be surprised if things inexplicably disappear. I’ll be rebuilding all the old site posts, but it may take awhile.

4 thoughts on “Still Remodeling

  1. thanks, for the info. I did just install the offending plugin this morning, so I deactivated it until I get a chance to figure it out. I hadn’t noticed that the comments couldn’t be previewed. That certainly isn’t very friendly. I’ll put it high up on my list to figure out.


  2. Also,

    Users can’t “preview” the comments, so that’s why my image, coded in HTML, appears as text, because I didn’t know it would!

    Anyway, you can figure out how to cut and paste the website if you’re interested in seeing “my screen”.


  3. Wally,

    Just FYI, your current page looks like this on my browser.

    Have fun with the remodel.



  4. Don’t know what kind of remodel you are doing, but I hope this weather isn’t a problem! Between the wind, the rain and the snow, the last few weeks have been really something! I expect when the wind dies down, we’ll have a horde of kids sledding in the back yard! Enjoy being snowed in!