Small nuclear war could lead to cooldown

I’ve witnessed a little flurry of Global Warming stories that lately.

First, here is my standard position on global warming again. I believe we have very little, almost negligible effect on overall global temperatures. Yes, I believe global temperatures are on the rise. The data doesn’t lie, however some statisticians and politicians do. Also, any article worth a darn on the subject will identify global warming sources as natural or man made, not just lump them all together and blame us. And lastly, the earth was warm several times in the past, why should we be surprised or alarmed that it is happening again.

Small nuclear war could lead to cooldown – Yahoo! News

That has got to be one of the catchiest headlines I’ve ever seen. And a pretty interesting theory on how a limited nuclear exchange could knock down global temperatures a few degrees.

But the researchers say black soot from the fires would linger in the atmosphere, blocking the sun’s rays and causing average global surface temperatures to drop about 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the first three years. Although the planet would see a gradual warming within a decade, it would still be colder than it was before the war, the scientists said.

I would classify a nuclear exchange as man-made source. I don’t endorse this position most specifically because of millions of deaths that would occur as a result of the exchange.

UN Report Pours ‘Cold Water’ on Global Warming, Senator Says

( – A United Nations study due for release early next year will reportedly lower estimates of mankind’s impact on the earth’s climate by 25 percent, a development a leading climate change skeptic in the U.S. Senate says will pour “cold water” on “global warming alarmism.”

“Climate science is always going through these ‘refinements,'” Inhofe said in a statement. “The media has alternated between four separate global cooling and warming scares since 1895,” including “the erroneous prediction of a coming ice age in the 1970s,” he said.

Researchers Predict an Ice-less Arctic By 2040

The researchers, who were funded by NASA, said that the ice retreat is likely to remain fairly constant until 2024 when there will be a sudden speeding up of the process.In 30 to 50 years, they concluded, summer sea ice will have vanished from almost the entire Arctic region.Their forecast may, however, already be out of date and over-optimistic, said Professor Chris Rapley, head of the British Antarctic Survey.

So how soon until we can ramp up drilling operations off the new North shore?

This all gives me a headache. But it is entertaining to read all the back and forth, back and forth, that is going on. Too bad none of the big news agencies are covering any scientists that look at the natural factors and natural warming and cooling cycles of our planet. I added a link to the blog Global Warming Hoax. I’ve read only a few posts and it seems to include some facts and references instead of just inane rantings. I’ll spend a bit more time there, as it is much more interesting than anti-US liberals calling the President a liar.

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