Charlie Sheen taints carol into ‘Joy to Fornication’

WorldNetDaily: Charlie Sheen taints carol into ‘Joy to Fornication’

I have to admit that I watch this show. Far less now than when it first came out. Early on, the show alluded to promiscuity and adult themes. The jokes were well hidden innuendos and the show played more about the differences between a parents values and of the single party uncle (sheen). Well the show has been falling apart and I think the writers have turned to more open crude humor to try and hold it together and hold an audience. This song is just more of the same and it is why I don’t watch much anymore. What is funny is that recently My wife and I were watching this show and the Canadian ratings announcement came on proclaiming it safe for the whole family. We looked at each other with astonishment.
It won’t be long until one of my favorite satires and admitted vice, South Park is rated “G” and I can hear classic Christmas tunes such as “It’s hard to be a Jew on Christmas” 110_kylesong.mp3

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