Political Toolbox

Politcal toolbox

So while cleaning the garage I like to listen to a little talk radio.   I crank the dial down to the left on occasion to listen to the normally gospel talk KARI 550 from Blaine.  Yesterday my cranking down the dial dropped me not on a gospel show, but right in near the beginning of the Political Toolbox Radio Show.   The Toolbox is a show put out by the Building Industry Association of Washington(BIAW).  The hosts, Tom McCabe and Erin Shannon talk about Washington State politics and policy as well as general current events.  Their pro-common sense, less intrusive government, lower taxes and high road moral stances were refreshing.  Yesterday they spoke on subjects ranging from election results, healthcare reform, protecting marriage to the idiocy that is fostered in our public education system.

I checked the radio schedule and may purposefully crank down the dial next Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm.   Alternatively I did find that some past shows are available online at the BIAW website.

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