Legal and Moral Advice for a Military Deserter

The latest information from the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center is that Iraq Veteran War Resistor/Military Deserter is not going to attend their event tomorrow as previously posted here. Seems he is getting what I would consider some sound legal advice to lay low.

He has been advised by his attorney to cut his speaking tour short and keep a low profile at this time. We are reminded of what these young resisters risk when they speak out with courage. WPJC

Nothing wrong with some sound legal advice. I would think most lawyers would give the same advice to their clients regardless of the crime. Lay low, quit talking about your crime and for God’s sake quit standing on street corners proclaiming your guilt and your intention to continue breaking the law. They do go on to say that he may be available by phone or webcam. I guess sedition is best done from the safety of a phone line.

My moral advice to Kyle Snyder is to turn yourself in to proper authorities. I’m sure that the life you are living now is not one that you want to live. Turn yourself in, do your time, and relieve yourself of the the stress you must be feeling. If you truly want to speak out against our nation as is your right, then do it after you are legal. Stop hiding. Be at peace.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

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