Whose fault is it that kids are growing up sooner?

I read an interesting article in the PI about how kids are growing up faster these days. 10 is the new 15 as kids grow up faster

I tend to feel this is a relative issue. I’m sure my parents and their parents before them felt the same way. Just in case there was something new I read on. The article sights “physical and behavioral changes that would have been typical of teenagers decades ago are now common among “tweens” – kids ages 8 to 12.” Their evidence?

Some of them are going on “dates” and talking on their own cell phones. They listen to sexually charged pop music, play mature-rated video games and spend time gossiping on MySpace. And more girls are wearing makeup and clothing that some consider beyond their years.

OK, is this evidence, or lack of parenting? I see these as parenting responsibilities. It seems obvious to me that kids are growing up sooner because parents are letting them. What made this article interesting to me was that it didn’t just blame the usual suspects, pollution and society, it went on to actually point the finger at sources

sometimes, he says, parents end up encouraging the behavior by failing to set limits – in essence, handing over power to their kids

The article is not the beat all end all, but it is very refreshing when the author puts the responsibility back on the parents where it belongs.

says the teen-like behavior of her daughter’s peers, influences her daughter – as does parents’ willingness to allow it.

“Some parents make it hard on those of us who are trying to hold their kids back a bit,” she says.


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