Grant’s again

GrantsIt’s been quite awhile since Grant’s drive-in closed and more recently Russell Grant himself passing.  So when my wife emailed me this morning to inform me that we’d be eating Grant’s tonight I had only one thought, what the heck are you talking about?  But after she filled in a few details, Grant’s and the thought of ordering a special with cheese again became a reality.

Sans Russell himself, there are a lot of familiar faces behind the ordering windows of the new Grant’s in Ferndale.  The menu is short and to the point with only burgers, fries, soda, and shakes.  But the burger was awesome, the cash only pricing fed all four of us for about $16, and I don’t see any reason to go back to Sonic.

There is even a little container of dumdums for patrons of the original Grant’s to reminisce over.  And also in memory of Russ I’m going to repeat here the joke he told as we walked in the door on our first visit to Grant’s.

What do you call a gay bar with no stools?

…a fruit stand

Drive west through Ferndale until it looks like your leaving town.  Then keep going.  Grant’s can be found behind Benson’s sort of kitty-corner from the library.  They are open 11 – 7 Monday – Saturday.

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  1. Grant's Burgers says:

    Thanks for mentioning us. We appreciate your business!