No Trespassing

no tresspassingCurrently, we have at least some say in what letters might be added to the sign.  In the future that may not be the case.  In the news today at KGMI is quick note about a local activist, i.e. Brett Bonner, who is questioning the ethics of a survey used by Whatcom County Legacy Project that is being used to help fashion the way our county will look in the future. 

Mr.  Bonner’s claim is that the survey is leading or aimed at getting a specific answer.  I’ve read the survey and certainly agree with his take.  The questions are utopian in that they ask what you’d like the county to look like and nothing about what costs, both tangible and in tangible, we are willing to suffer to get there.  I’d love to see my children grow up with farms and parks around every corner, but I am not willing to condemn them to living in densely packed housing projects. 

We need to strike a balance, but with lopsided surveys like this and one sided land use advocacy groups like Futurewise bending the ear of our county council, the scale is solidly tipped way from our rights.  Don’t take my word for it though, pop over to and hunt for how they incorporate your property rights into their plans for our future.  I’ve looked and you won’t find our property rights as a priority, in fact our property rights only appear as a threat to their plan, not a part of it. 

This is only my 2 cents.  Brett Bonner’s observations and supporting documentation as well as lots of balance can be found at The Fourth Corner.

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