Send backup when? now? are you serious? now? what do you mean? now like now or now like tomorrow?

Last week there was a report of several hostages taken at gun point in a downtown bank.  Sherriff’s deputies were dispatched and within minutes four arrived on scene to witness one of the hostages murdered.  Deputies on scene called for backup as the suspect turned his aim towards the deputies.  The dispatcher relayed the backup request to the Sheriff who after an hour of analysis authorized sending one more car to the scene.  Upon arrival at the scene this deputy found one deputy dead, one wounded and the other two fighting for their lives and the lives of the hostages.  This last deputy on scene immediately called for more backup.  

What should the Sheriff do?

A -  Drive to King, Pierce and Snohomish counties to consult with other county sheriffs before determining a course of action
B -  Hold a press conference and apologize to the hostage taker/murder suspect for his deputies actions.
C -  Take a few days to review the situation, ask the hard questions and explore all the different options.
D – All of the above

or option E, send all requested backup immediately!  Like now, before you take another breath!

So while I am glad that President Obama has finally decided to send more troops to Afghanistan sometime in the near future, I do still look hard at his lack of trust in our military leadership, his  indecision, and his dangerous inaction so far during his time in office. 

I seriously question our nation’s security with President Obama as Commander in Chief.

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