What were they thinking?

NH PlateSome times we have to dig into history to find out what our nation’s founding fathers and mothers were thinking.  Other times we might find their thought staring back from the car in front of us at a traffic light.  Such was the case the other day as I was behind a vehicle licensed  in the great state of New Hampshire.   “Live Free or Die” was the state motto staring back at me from one the first states to join the union.  There seemed no question what they were thinking oh so long ago.

And it got me thinking,  so I looked up the first 10 states.

Delaware Liberty and Independence
Pennsylvania Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
New Jersey Liberty and Prosperity
Georgia Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
Connecticut He who is transplanted still sustains ”referring to God who brought us from Europe still with us in this land.
Massachusetts By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty
Maryland Manly deeds womanly words or Strong deeds, gentle words
South Carolina Prepared in mind and resources /While I breathe, I hope
New Hampshire Live free or die
Virginia Thus Always to Tyrants or stick it to tyrants

Nope you don’t have to go too deep to understand that our founding fathers and mothers were all about liberty, independence, prosperity, and virtue as well as standing up against anyone that was going to take these from them.

Not a one of those mottos spoke to redistribution of wealth nor collectivism.  What a good lesson to be learned.  I think President Obama needs to go out and play in traffic ;)

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