KGMI 790 AM – Local News – Peace vigil marks 40th anniversary

KGMI 790 AM – Local News
Peace vigil marks 40th anniversary

A weekly peace vigil marks a major milestone in downtown Bellingham today. Quakers Howard and Rosemary Harris began a weekly protest against the Vietnam War outside the Federal Building in December, 1966. The public is invited to join today’s 40th anniversary vigil, from 4-to-5 this afternoon–and every Friday–at Magnolia and Cornwall.

While I actually admire the passion and the vigilance of these protesters, I still can’t condone some of their actions. Nor can I condone the actions of media when they aid these communities with press releases, yet don’t call them to the carpet when they act illegally. Like usual I have written another letter just to put my opinion on record.

Regarding: “Peace vigil marks 40th anniversary”

You forgot to mention that their special guest, deserter and currently AWOL soldier Kyle Snyder will not be present to speak out against our nation in person. He will he may have to phone in. But apparently the party will go on.

From Whatcom Peace and Justice Center:

A Change to Friday’s Event

Iraq Veteran War Resister Kyle Snyder will not be able to be present with us this Friday. He has been advised by his attorney to cut his speaking tour short and keep a low profile at this time. We are reminded of what these young resisters risk when they speak out with courage. We are hopeful that Kyle will be able to join us via conference phone or webcam.

WPJC is still hosting a supper and dessert at 5:15 to celebrate the Peace Vigil’s 40th Anniversary. Depending on Kyle joining us, we will show the film “The Ground Truth” after dinner. This powerful film gives witness to the lives of our soldiers in their battles both on the ground in Iraq and the even more challenging battles upon their return home. (A detailed description of this movie is below.) We will also offer concrete ways in which you can support Kyle in his courageous struggle.

It’s OK to question our nations actions. It is not OK to aid those who act against our nation.


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