Things to do in Bellingham

This absolutely atrocious little snippet showed up in yesterdays “What’s happening tonight” section.

The Bellingham Herald / Lifestyle / What’s happening tonight

Kyle Snyder, an Iraq War veteran who is now an AWOL war resister, speaks at 6:30 p.m. at Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, 100 E. Maple St. Admission is free.

Applauding deserters is now a “thing to do” like dinner out, going to the park, movies, concerts. My opinion is pretty clear on this subject.

  1. It is wrong to desert.
  2. It is wrong to desert and speak out against our nation.
  3. It is wrong to help those who desert.
  4. It is wrong to help those who desert and speak out against our nation.

I find it difficult to understand why the Herald would print this, unless for some reason they think it is a good thing to tear down our nation. Where would they get such an idea? Perhaps they are reading the Herald. :)

I added a few quotes regarding deserters by a progressive pioneer. Liberal leaners might find them interesting.

By weakening the army, deserters prolong the war and increase the number of its victims.

When he runs away from his regiment, a deserter betrays not only the regiment, not only the army, but the entire working people. Therefore, the entire people must take up arms against deserters.

From now on, let no quarter be given among us to runaways, self-seekers and deserters. Let them wander like the plague-stricken, away from villages and towns, until in every single one of them conscience awakes and says: ‘There is only one path of salvation for you: go back to your unit, of your own free will, and by bravery in battle wipe from yourself the shameful stain of desertion.

All honourable citizens, commanders, commissars and Red Army men must take part in this struggle, followed by the workers and peasants in the zones adjoining the fronts. It is necessary to create, such a situation, such a feeling in the country that a deserter will find no place to lay his head, like Cain, who committed a treacherous act against his brother. A deserter’s own village must refuse to give him food or lodging. The factory where he shows up must drive him Out with ignominy. His father, mother, brother, sister, wife must spurn his hand and demand that he at once set about cleansing himself of his dishonour by returning to the army.

Who was this pioneer? Did “Red Army” give it away? These were written by Lev Bronstein, aka Leon Trotsky. You see, a deserter is a deserter is a deserter.

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2 Responses to “Things to do in Bellingham”

  1. wally says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    No, I have not been a soldier, so please feel free to disregard my opinion if you feel that only soldiers have rights and responsibilities in our nation.

    You are correct, I cannot determine what is and isn’t OK to do in our nation. We have laws, they dictate what is and isn’t OK to do in our nation. I believe that according to law, desertion is not OK to do.

    America is about choices, but again not any choices, the Constitution restricts our choices for the purposes of maintaining our nation with a good level of freedom. If we were truly free to do and say anything, then we would be living in anarchy, not our form of democracy.

    I think an AWOL soldier encouraging others in like behavior has crossed the fine line between freedom of speech and sedition. Just my opinion, I’m not a judge. As for a right to “be AWOL”, I don’t think anyone has the right to break laws.

    And almost lastly, I most certainly don’t know what’s best for everyone. Heck, most of the time I don’t even know what is best for me.

    And lastly, 4 letter words in your email address? Probably not the best way to encourage mature dialog. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever been a soldier, Wally? Then how can you have any right to tell someone what is and isn’t OK to do.

    America is about choices. We were given that right in our Constitution. It’s also about the opportunity to express our beliefs – any various ways. If this soldier – who has already fought for our country before, has decided his way of protesting is to speak out against the war and to be AWOL – that’s his right.

    And you – as a basic citizen – should respect that. But you just can’t seem to. Because you seem to think you always know what’s best for everyone.