UN Mandate? Stay in Iraq?

This interesting article was featured today on Aljazeera. Iraq to seek extension of US presence. Doesn’t this just seem to fly in the face of Bellingham’s resolution to bring troops home?

Iraq is to ask the UN Security Council to renew the mandate governing the presence of US-led forces in the country for another year, according to its foreign minister. Hoshiyar Zebari said Iraq would seek a one-year extension. UN Security Council resolution 1637, which mandates the US-led presence, expires on December 31. Zebari said that despite differences between the US and Iraq over security, there was “no rift whatsoever” between the two over the ultimate goal of a democratic Iraq. “We believe still there is a need and the presence of the multinational force is indispensable for the security and stability of Iraq and of the region at the moment.

Didn’t the resolution suggest that Iraq didn’t want us there and that it was an illegal war? This seems to say that the Iraqi government want us there and that at least through the end of the year, the UN has mandated that we be there. Will the City council say oops?


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