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Just a quick little negative note about the biased nature of the Herald. They have again printed a letter from this guy Bill Distler encouraging impeachment of our President. But again, Is Bill Distler just some guy?

The Bellingham Herald / Letters to the Editor / Urges Congress to remove president
Urges Congress to remove president

I believe President Bush lied to every person in the world …

… has killed somewhere between 30,000 and 650,000 people, many of them innocent children, with his lying.

Bush says he gets his guidance from God, but I am absolutely certain that Jesus did not tell him to torture “suspects,” bomb innocent children and spy on his political opponents.

I believe our president is a criminal… …impeachment is the best way to remove a criminal administration that is defined by dishonesty and cruelty.

Bill Distler Bellingham

OK, he may be just some guy, some guy who is a regular contributor, some guy who has written for other papers, some guy who is well connected in the local anti-US community, some guy with an opinion that the Herald likes. Perhaps they should just give him a job?

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