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Just a quick little negative note about the biased nature of the Herald. They have again printed a letter from this guy Bill Distler encouraging impeachment of our President. But again, Is Bill Distler just some guy?

The Bellingham Herald / Letters to the Editor / Urges Congress to remove president
Urges Congress to remove president

I believe President Bush lied to every person in the world …

… has killed somewhere between 30,000 and 650,000 people, many of them innocent children, with his lying.

Bush says he gets his guidance from God, but I am absolutely certain that Jesus did not tell him to torture “suspects,” bomb innocent children and spy on his political opponents.

I believe our president is a criminal… …impeachment is the best way to remove a criminal administration that is defined by dishonesty and cruelty.

Bill Distler Bellingham

OK, he may be just some guy, some guy who is a regular contributor, some guy who has written for other papers, some guy who is well connected in the local anti-US community, some guy with an opinion that the Herald likes. Perhaps they should just give him a job?

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2 Responses to “Bellingham Herald Letters to the Editor”

  1. wally says:

    The only thing pro-US about “get rid of Bush” as you say, is when it is done peacefully and within the existing laws of our nation.

    So, if by dissent, you mean to carry an opinion differing from the laws and rules of our nation while still abiding by the laws and rules of our nation, then I agree, it is patriotic.

    If by dissent, you mean to disobey our laws, libel and slander our president, and interfere with the normal workings of our nation, then my friend, dont’ kid yourself, it is unpatriotic.

  2. Dan says:

    The whole point is that it IS Pro U.S. to get rid of Bush. Our country is based on dissent & democracy. To dis others for not supporting the current president is actually unpatriotic in itself. Now that our country is mired in debt & war, our economy down the tubes, our standing in the world radically diminished, can you really feel good about voting for W?
    Anyway, thanks for the info about Bill Distler – I’ll be sure to vote for him!