So far, so good

Even though it’s been only a few weeks with the new mix on the Whatcom County Council, I’m already feeling a bit of lightening in the burden of big government that we all carry.  Not that any major taxes or rules have been repealed as of yet, but at least now I feel it is a real possibility and that is good enough to put a little giddy up in my step.  And that’s enough of a giddy up to get a chuckle out of the Laurel and Hardy partisan attacks coming from the Whatcom Democrats.

First there is the idiotic, and probably still ongoing, attempt to force County Executive Kremen to appoint someone who is not Ward Nelson to fill a recently vacated seat.

“consider how polarizing it would be if in the aftermath of a controversial vote by the County Council, someone challenged the validity of that vote.  This would strike at the very core of the Council’s legitimacy to govern.”

letter from Herald Politics Blog

For all practicality, that statement by the Whatcom Democrats could stand as a definition of a thinly veiled threat.  You know, if you don’t do what I want then “someone” might get hurt.  Why not just go real mafia on Pete Kremen and send a couple of guys in suits to visit his kids on the playground?

Second idiotic came last week when Sam Crawford had the unmitigated gall to suggest cutting property taxes by roughly $9 per year for the average home.  You might want to reread that sentence.  That was cutting, not adding to our tax burden.   His suggestion was outlined in a Herald article Crawford: Repeal property tax increase for water project funding.  In a nut shell,

280 water-related projects estimated to cost between $150 million and $200 million

Not all of those projects will get done, and county staff told the council they’d like them to work to cull perhaps the bottom third of the hundreds of projects…because they’re too specific to one piece of private property or they’re not affordable.

if the council repealed the tax increase, which generated about $940,000 for the flood fund to pay for water-related projects, the county still has a “tremendous amount of money.”

So what I’m reading is that the Council will be looking dropping a recently approved tax increase of <$1 million that was to help fund up to $200 million in projects, of which 1/3 of them won’t be done.   If the council doesn’t repeal this, it would be like the cable company raising your rates because they say they will add channels, but then dropping 1/3 of the channels instead, and still leaving you to pay the higher rates.   That all may make sense to many of us, but to many others ‘round these parts cuttin’ taxes…why them is fightin’ words.  And so the recently revitalized Whatcom Democrat attack machine has been called into action.  Here’s their view.

Sam Crawford’s proposal to eliminate funding for over 280 water related projects.

Crawford is reckless and shortsighted

Crawford feels a need to gamble with our safety

gutting of essential efforts to protect our natural resources, people and property from disasters.

Anyone who knows Sam Crawford has got to find humor in those comments, but hold your laughter until the end because here’s more of their view/attack that carries over into the Herald Blog with a comment by their Communications Committee Chair who,

… strongly urge[s] everyone to contact Sam Crawford and let him know what you think of him putting our county in danger.

And besides the hyperbolic humor in those outlandish claims, they offer a little Ronco slice and dice humor in their claims of what $9 will buy

… protect clean drinking water

…protect school kids

but wait there’s more.  Your $9 a year will

…prevent natural disasters.

Wow for only $9 I can protect school kids and prevent natural disasters?  If only I could pay that in two easy payments :)   If nothing else, the new talent at the Whatcom Democrats is funny.   Feel free to laugh now, I am.

In closing, I’ll just I say so far, so good with our new mix on the Whatcom County Council.

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5 Responses to “So far, so good”

  1. Riley Sweeney says:

    I know better than to pick a fight with a man on his own blog. I’m just glad that you are paying attention and involved in the process of our government. The more people are involved, the better the process becomes.

  2. Riley Sweeney says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I know I’m on the right track if you are noticing.

    I do believe that this proposal by Sam Crawford is dangerous and I am glad that many people in Whatcom have the foresight to see how much damage this could do.

    • wally says:

      You know those loud shirtless guys in the bleachers at football games, the guys with all the paint and maybe a beer hat; they get noticed. I don’t think they have much influence on the outcome of the game, but yes, if your point was to get noticed, then yuppers your on the right track.

      And really, after all the other hundreds of millions of dollars and what was it 280 projects, this lowly $1 million is the straw that put the county in such perilous danger? Again, I’m laughing.

  3. Bojangles says:

    What does improved drainage and flood controls do?
    a) nothing
    b) improve the ability to drain excess water away and limit the extent of flood waters.
    c) Only raise taxes BOO!!

    What is a flood considered?
    a) The thumb of God as he attempts to wash civilization away from the sinful area that is Acme and all areas within 1/2-1 mile of the Nooksack.
    b) natural
    c) a disaster
    d) both B and C

    What are floods known for?
    a) Washing away sin by killing everything not on Noah’s Ark, which directly lead to the writing of the U.S. Constitution. Thank you, floods.
    b) flooding buildings, such as new elementary schools built in flood plains
    c) creating stagnant pools of water full of contaminants from things that usually aren’t and aren’t supposed to be submerged in water, that can seep into and contaminate the groundwater or other water sources, thus threatening drinking water supplies.
    d) drowning people
    e) destroying personal property and livelihoods.
    f) Everything but a).

    Hopefully by answering these questions yourself, you’ll realize that $9 does, in fact, do a lot of what you laugh at. If you don’t realize it… please move to Acme or the edge of the Nooksack. Or tell the people that do live there that the best solution is to move away so nobody has to pay $9 per $300,000 home.