Woman’s freeway signs stir creation debate

WorldNetDaily: Woman’s freeway signs stir creation debate

The messages – which cost about $10,000 each – point passersby to a website – WhoIsYourCreator.com – where a case is made against Darwin’s theory.

I found this a very inspiring story. The woman put a lot into this long before the unveiling of the freeway sign. The website is chocked full of information about different aspects of evolution/creationism and includes lots of references. There is also an open message board where you can read others comments as well as post your own. I’ll be putting one up soon.

My opinion is that we were created by God and the whole world around us was also created by God. Evolution is simply a working theory about how species have developed over time. Some study evolution to understand how God works, others study it to deny God and his work.  I won’t deny the existence of archaeological finds including dinosaurs, Neanderthals, itsy bitsy little horses, etc. They obviously exist, it’s tough to deny the existence of something you  can hold them in your hand.  But what do they mean in terms of God?  That’s the real question.

Satan is the deceiver, not the creator. I believe that anyone who preaches evolution to deny God’s greatness, rather than reveal it, has aligned themselves with the deceiver. I’m sure Satan is smiling.

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