Following the Party Line

I wanted to share a few “complements” that I received recently from fellow readers of the Bellingham Herald.

“(people like me) …should be removed from the gene pool, because they are a threat to the security of the community.”

You think it is difficult to understand so you vote for it?
We need fewer brains like that in this world.

Follow your party right over the edge!
Yee haw!!

And you might ask what prompted this kind of input. Well I guess I had the nerve to say that I would vote along party lines. Here is what I said:

I don’t like the way things are, but it is really difficult to understand all the ramifications of the initiative. So I’ll go against the Herald opinion board on this one and defer to the informed judgment of the Whatcom GOP who are recommending a Yes vote on I-933.

I don’t think my fellow readers were referring to my choice on I-933. I think they were referring to my thought process and they seem to disagree with the process I use. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding, so I’ll explain more about why I would choose to follow the party line.

First, let me clarify that I am not omniscient, nor omnipotent, so at some point I must trust others. Some examples:

  • I don’t have a tire shop, and I wouldn’t know how to install tires if I had one. I trust the knowledge and expertise of Les Schwab with the lives of my family.
  • My wife and I are not physicians, we have very limited knowledge of medicine, so we trust physicians with our families medical needs.
  • I would trust my children with a babysitter recommended by someone I know from church. I would not trust my children to someone recommended by a child molester. I entrust my children to someone who shares my values.
  • I vote for legislators, not on one or two big issues, but rather on their overall character and convictions. I trust them to make decision for me, based on having shared values.

I think you get the picture. Sometimes you have to trust others, but the trick is correctly picking those others. I like the Christian values of the of the babysitters family, so I trust her when I am not there. I like the values of the GOP, so I trust them when I can’t be there to learn all the subtleties of an issue. I consider this making an informed decision and sound judgment on my part.

So if you are like I, and should be removed from the gene pool, then here are a few links that may help you make informed decisions at the upcoming elections.

Whatcom GOP

Christian Coalition

Concerned Christian Citizens of Whatcom County

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