The Bellingham Herald / Letters to the Editor / Has mental cartoon of Cheney in Iraq
Sometimes a cartoon idea occurs and such was the case recently when Vice President Cheney flew 12,000 miles to spend a couple of hours with King Abdullah. Because the Bush administration is the most secretive in this nation’s history, we’ll likely never know for certain what Cheney’s mysterious mission was all about

Is this the “secretive” Bush administration mission?

Foxnews Cheney Seeks Saudi Arabia’s Help on Iran, Lebanon

Cheney’s visit with King Abdullah was brief, lasting only a few hours before he flew back to Washington, but it underlined the two allies’ concerns over upheavals across the Middle East, which many Arabs blame on U.S. policies.

Telling the press where you are going, why you are there and posing for photo ops is no way to be secret. I think someone needs to give Vice President Cheney a few more secret spy lessons.