Bellingham Tea Party has a new website

BTP The local Tea Party organization has a new website and at first look it is quite a step up from the blog style of their previous site.  I found this new site to be well laid out with menus directing to information that previously was there or just too much digging to find. 

In addition to keeping us up to date on planned local events the website is heavy on education about the forming of our nation and the values of those who founded it.  And much of it like this video on our American Form of Government is aimed at those who don’t have political science PhD’s. 

They also managed to keep some of the live nature of a blog by providing an area for fresh current content.  This Feature page looks like it will have weekly articles by local favorite Jerry Stewart as well as Soapbox articles by locals who may or may not be your favorite :)

I give two thumbs up for the site and the mission of the Bellingham Tea Party.

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