arizona-mapIt’s a pretty easy decision to stand in support of the new and much hyped Arizona Immigration Enforcement Law.

I’ve got nothing personally against any illegal immigrants that might be affected by Arizona’s commitment to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, but we have the immigration laws in place so that we are in control of who comes, goes and stays in our nation.

I’ve read the legislation and see no evidence that any one nationality or race is being targeted.  This isn’t a matter of race at all.  It’s a matter of whether or not you are legally in this nation.  

I’d be happy if we adopted and enforced this type of law across our Northern Border also.  Come to think of it we do already have a Federal law which if it were enforced, Arizona wouldn’t be wasting their time with this law.   And what exactly is wrong with Arizona enforcing a Federal Law?  It’s nothing new for cities, counties and states to share enforcement duties.   I’m pretty sure that if you drink and drive their will be all variety of law enforcement working together to get you off the road.   And if you don’t belong in this nation, I want you sent back to Iceland, Canada, Fiji or where ever else you came from; we’ve already got our quota of drunk drivers.