Letter to the Editor Says U.S. can block massacre in Darfur

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Says U.S. can block massacre in Darfur

Despite the news that the African Union will remain in Darfur, the world holds its breath as the Sudanese government escalates its military offensive in Darfur. Hope for Darfur rests on the implementation of the United Nations resolution authorizing a U.N. peacekeeping force with a mandate to protect civilians. Yet, the Sudanese government continues to veto the international responsibility to protect, denying consent for the deployment of peacekeepers.

The linchpin to break the deadlock on Darfur continues to be the United States, which has special leverage with all stakeholders. While President Bush has been on record in support of a U.N. intervention, the U.S. has failed to do the diplomatic heavy lifting required.

The Sudan is on the frontier of Islam. Muslims in the North, non-Muslims in the south. Look at a map. This area is just one more that is being engulfed by the big violent amoeba of Islam that is swallowing up free nations. There has been one civil war and then another and now a massacre. When is it going to be OK to say that Islam is not a religion of peace? Take them at face value or dig deep into their religion, it doesn’t matter. There is NO peace between an Islamic government and non-Muslims.

How will stopping Islamic violence in the Sudan be any different for us than Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel or New York. We can’t stop an enemy if we are too politically correct to actually identify them. Our enemy is the current form of Islam that is and has been violently expanding since its inception.

I hope all you Democrats are praying for our next president to be a thick skinned republican like President Bush. Because you know that Americans will die, some US soldiers will shoot the wrong people and it will be the Presidents fault. Then will come the same blame and anti-US rhetoric that we have going on now. City councils will waste time with useless resolution, maybe someone will even hold a tribute like the Citizens’ Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq. The President’s rating will drop and they will be labeled the devil, a liar, etc. when all they did was carry out UN resolutions and try to protect helpless people from the violence of Islam.
I guess it could be time to go in now, while we can still blame the massacre on President Bush, rather than our next president, or better yet Islam.

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