Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)

I endure daily, the writings and rantings of people who have such an all consuming hatred for our President, that they have difficulty functioning as normal thinking humans.

Anyone who has ever listened to the Joe Teehan show surely knows what I mean. You can see his face getting red right through the radio as he attempts to blame President Bush for everything thing bad that has and ever will occur. The other night I’m sure he was implying that our President was drowning polar bears for his own pleasure. But until I read this Sound Politics post the other day, I never knew this is disease, not simple idiocy afflicting so many around the world.

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) was apparently identified by political columnist Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer is also a retired psychiatrist and he describes BDS as:

the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.

He also gives a few examples of how the disease is manifest:

…where the very sight of the president — say, smiling while holding a tray of Thanksgiving turkey in a Baghdad mess hall — caused dozens of cases of apoplexy in otherwise healthy adults.

apoplexy: Sudden impairment of neurological function, especially that resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage; a stroke or A fit of extreme anger; rage.

Bill Moyers ranting about a “right-wing wrecking crew” engaged in “a deliberate, intentional destruction of the United States way of governing”

As horrific as the syndrome is, even the most hopeful estimates still place a cure at least 2 years out, unless radical treatments, such as impeachment, are employed. And the only sure cure is one that will be developed by a socialized medical program. So what are we to do in the mean time? First, don’t panic. You can minimize your risk by following a few simple steps:

Avoid those involved Whatcom Peace and Justice Center.

Read the Bellingham Herald in moderation.

Don’t attend “peace” or “immigration” rallys. These are infectious hot beds.

Watch City Council meetings on TV to avoid personal contact with those that are obviously infected.
Under no circumstances should you listen to the Liberal Outpost on KGMI.

Wash regularly with hot soapy water.

And if you do fee like you are coming down with something then for heaven’s sake, cough into your elbow.

And lastly read your Bible and the US Constitution often to keep your immune system healthy.

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13 Responses to “Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)”

  1. I whole heartedly agree with you. But don’t re-evaluate your thinking on my behalf.
    Not only have our Vets been force diagnosed, but Civilian Contatctors and research specialists, Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS folks have been placed in similar circumstances. (many have come to this conclusion by themselves without it being forced down their throats.
    Obviously you and I disagree on many things, But bear in mind, I’m not a big fan of Stoploss policies, and “civilians” with the needed skills can find themselves in mandatory “honorary” roles also. Believe it or not you and I have some “aquaintences” in common and they seem to agree with you on many things, especially the Viet Nam era boys. Not so much the WW2 and Korean era boys.
    I think that you will find that the longer that you are Stateside you will be disenchanted with many politicians from the left as well as the right. Doesn’t make ’em evil, but they are generally isolated from the policies that they would like to implement. I learned the hard way when I was your age (during the civil war as my kids accuse me of…) that I can accomplish more with a polite voice and a (yeccch!) business suit than dressing like I work and talking like I work. It was a very long and hard lesson. I hope you take my word for it, so you don’t have to “enjoy” the same lessons.
    Not sure why I mentioned that since we disagree on about 85% of wha you say…

  2. Not that I want to own a gun, or anything, but I think it is an absurd idea that (according to the DSM IV) almost everybody over the age of 20 has some type of mental defect or other. And if they never sought treatment or recognition, then it wouldn’t matter anyway. A lot of PTSD vets own guns, and it would be insane to stop-loss them to send them back to combat but not let them carry in their own country.

  3. HR 2640 shouldn’t go anywhere. I understand that GW actually hasn’t signed it and it hasn’t passed through the Senate or rather a senate version is being tabled. It is an absurd concept at best. Many good folks I know deal with PTSD. They still have their CCP from this state and other states.
    As for intel, I am always as ignorant as I choose to be…I realize that civilian and military folks are usually on the same side of the street, just travelling in different lanes. had to needle you about photo interp….not that I have any idea whatsoever…
    As for mentally defective…sane folks avoid politics and just keep their nose to the grindstone…raise families, and have a beer with their buddies, and if they’re healthy they probably disagree on many things.

  4. no, pretty low but, still higher than 96D’s with Secret. they read you off of SIGINT and GAMMA control when you get out. I remember looking at Yankee White, and Yankee Gold. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yankee_White

    After sitting on the mall for a week last summer, I could tell you that many of the guys guarding the pres. really don’t like him, and that there are more than a few PTSD suffering Iraq vets among them.

    About HR 2640: not sure if it is totally true myself. It has been dubbed the Veterans disarmament Act, but the language is unclear. It says “mentally defective” which would mean anybody seeking treatment at mental institutions, but does that include veterans being treated by the VA for PTSD?

  5. could you reference the CFR on handgun bans for Vets with PTSD?
    a jarhead friend of mine here who generally agrees with you is calling B.S. as his hasn’t been taken yet nor has his CCP been revoked.
    by the way, ts sci is pretty low level at best. step below photo interp…

  6. They know how I feel about Bush.

    Don’t forget. I still have a TS//SCI clearance, though inactive, until 2009. No lie.

    Oh, and when I was in DC September 1st, I threatened his life from my tower on the mall, and had a long talk with the Metropolitan Park Special Forces Swat Captain, Rufus. According to him, it is highly likely that old boy heard me.

    Is that why he just signed the law that no PTSD-suffering veteran can ever own a handgun?

  7. it’s okay, Evan. I’m sure the boys at Langley would be more than willing to hear your problems and give you counsel.
    would you like me to forward your message?

  8. I wish I had one minute alone with “W”. I would show him some of the things that are being done in his name to innocent women and children, and then rid the world of his scourge. I hate the animal, (he is not a human.)

    Isn’t it interesting, how I had a W’04 poster in my room in the barracks back in 2003, and now my dream is to slaughter the pig?

    Disclaimer: I am non-violent, and do not advocate murder. This is just a delusional fantasy of mine, for which I am seeking treatment, and recognize fully that it is morally wrong. But if Bush suddenly died, I would spend a week doing nothing but thanking god 24 hours a day, because I hate him so much.

  9. Timothy Fang says:

    Since you haven’t noticed, I will state that Bush deserves every iota of the hatred he gets. Thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women, and children have died in Iraq as a direct result of dubya’s policies. That is cause enough. But let me continue. Bush’s occupation of Iraq has become a debacle worse than Saddam himself. Dubya is the most anti-environmental president since the environment became an issue. He makes Reagan look like John Muir. No matter how people spin it, this president has condoned torture, and in many cases these are utterly innocent people taken to secret prisons in foreign countries. Habeus Corpus is suspended at the whim of this “president.” Bush’s NCLB program is a sham in the face of modern education theory anf practice. There are still victims of Katrina and Rita waiting for some kind of aid. Bush promised in 2000 that those wetlands around New Orleans were to be protected. Those wetlands helped to protect New Orleans before, but development increased after Bush took office. Bush overrode the court and has allowed the use of ultra powerful sonar which kills whales and other marine life, George W Bush is an incompetent and dishonest operator who has criminally disgraced our nation and the office of the president. Bush and Cheny should be impeached sent to the Hague for war crimes against humanity. Finally I can not abide being talked down to as Bush so commonly does. His arrogance and smirking passive aggressive nature is most offensive. Any of this can be supported by fact.

    But please do tell, what is the name of the syndrome that makes individuals so intellectually dishonest to ignore all this?

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  12. wally says:

    It’s a humorous way to replace the Bush hater label. No one fell for anything. It is funny.

  13. citizensteve says:

    Although it doesn’t surprise me that (un)Sound Politics would reference Krauthammers writing or that Krauthammer would utilize the old Soviet tactic of labeling dissident as mental illness, I’m shocked that you’ve fallen for it.

    Perhaps it’s just that you’re too young to remember how the Soviets tried to silence those who disagreed with the government:

    Time Magazine – Monday, Feb. 7, 1972

    One of the most chilling tactics used by Soviet authorities to suppress dissent is enforced confinement in a mental hospital. Selected rebel intellectuals are declared insane by obedient psychiatrists, and can be held indefinitely or punished at will—all under the aura of medical treatment and with no need for a public trial that could embarrass the state. The practice dates back to 1936, when the Soviet secret police first established prison hospitals…

    I guess if Krauthammer or his fans at Sound Politics had winning arguments against what’s being said by the ‘Left’ they’d have used it instead of droning on about made-up mental disorders.