Ferndale Record Journal: Cedars Closing

Cedars is closing it’s doors after 50 years.

Ferndale Record-Journal

“My dad opened it 50 years ago, and I hated to close it,” said Judy Boxx, who owned the business with her husband, Jack. “Once the smoking ban took effect, it wasn’t making any money.”

“Since the smoking left, it just wasn’t making any money,” he said. “In 2005, it made pretty good money. Beer sales kinda came back, but the pull tabs never came back — the gambling dollars went away. (The closure) is a direct result of the smoking ban.”

A while back I wrote about putting the smoking back in bars. Upon reading it I have to apologize for only thinking of what the ban was doing to the public and not what it was doing to the private owners of the bars.

So here is yet another reason why I think smoking is none of the governments business. Couple this with a few other closures and the allowing of smoking at the Indian casinos and you have some pretty unfair and ineffective laws. Our PC laws have determined that the combination of smoking & drinking, or smoking & gambling is now the exclusive property of the Indians. That’s unfair. And the laws are ineffective as long as the casinos offer a local alternative for smoking, drinking and gambling. The customers simply stop going to one place and start going to another.

Another case of low self esteem in the world’s minority white population. I don’t think whites are supreme beings or anything, but neither is any other color, race or religion. Apply the laws fairly and I’ll be happy.  The closing of Cedars and other local businesses is the result of unfair smoking laws.

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