Tonight the Bellingham Tea Party organization is hosting the first in a series of candidate meetings, town halls and debates.

Interview U.S. Senate & House of Representative Candidates

  • When: Thursday, July 8th
  • What: U.S. Senate & House of Representative Candidates
  • Where: Whatcom Community College
  • Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Bring: Questions for the candidates
  • Cost: Free to the public

I’ve been planning on attending this event since the notice first popped up on Facebook.  After reading that Rick Larsen was to going to be there I started to have second thoughts.

I need to hear more from Clint Didier, missed meeting John Koster, and would actually like to hear from Larry Kalb.  But there is no way I would ever consider a vote for Rick Larsen and I wasn’t sure I could stay awake through all his blandness.  Peppy is good.  Bland is bad.    Now Rep. Pete Stark’s recent town hall was peppy.  I would never vote for him, if someday I were to live in California, but I would make every effort to go to one of his town halls.

Apparently his positions are similar to Rick Larsen and other Democrats, but in his own idiotic way,  he does put on a show worth seeing in person.

So, okay I’ll go tonight.  Please nudge me if I snore.  Take my pulse if Rick Larsen’s answers run long.