Bellingham Tea Party Town Hall

Tonight the Bellingham Tea Party organization is hosting the first in a series of candidate meetings, town halls and debates.

Interview U.S. Senate & House of Representative Candidates

  • When: Thursday, July 8th
  • What: U.S. Senate & House of Representative Candidates
  • Where: Whatcom Community College
  • Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Bring: Questions for the candidates
  • Cost: Free to the public

I’ve been planning on attending this event since the notice first popped up on Facebook.  After reading that Rick Larsen was to going to be there I started to have second thoughts.

I need to hear more from Clint Didier, missed meeting John Koster, and would actually like to hear from Larry Kalb.  But there is no way I would ever consider a vote for Rick Larsen and I wasn’t sure I could stay awake through all his blandness.  Peppy is good.  Bland is bad.    Now Rep. Pete Stark’s recent town hall was peppy.  I would never vote for him, if someday I were to live in California, but I would make every effort to go to one of his town halls.

Apparently his positions are similar to Rick Larsen and other Democrats, but in his own idiotic way,  he does put on a show worth seeing in person.

So, okay I’ll go tonight.  Please nudge me if I snore.  Take my pulse if Rick Larsen’s answers run long.

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4 Responses to “Bellingham Tea Party Town Hall”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Wally. Long time.

    Just gotta know where you are leaning for the Senate race. I’ve already made my pitch but I just can’t get enough of the discussion.

    • Wally says:

      yes, a long time. I’ve been way to busy to check in here on a regular basis, let alone write.

      For the Senate race I went with Clint Didier.

      I could easily support any of the three main conservative candidates over Sen. Murray. My main reason for supporting Clint Didier is that he is an outspoken leader. I was intrigued by Paul Akers thought process and have no doubt that Dino Rossi could get the job done for us, but to change direction, we need someone to lead us in that direction.

      Having a great plan or even all the right answers won’t cut it if you can’t get public support.

      • Mark says:

        Well I won’t hide my disappointment with the number of people supporting Didier. Yes, he’s outspoken, but I simply disagree with his foreign policy stand on Afghanistan (do you?).
        I’m on board with Akers — think he could beat Murray in the general considering he has come from 0 name recognition to “I agree with him but won’t vote for him” status everywhere.
        However I’m disappointed that both Akers and Didier decided to go so negative on Rossi. Didier especially has had a very wrong tone if he really is interested in ensuring Murray’s defeat in the general. Call me a pessimist, but if he keeps it up, I have very little hope that Murray will even come close to being ousted.
        Those are some of my thoughts.

  2. John Gustav says:

    Is there anything you know squat about? What a bizarre view of the world from a delusional patient on the lam,