Ground Zero Mosque

I’ve been enjoying an abundance of play and enduring an abundance of work this summer and so have not had much time for blogging.  The proposed ground zero mosque though has been the subject of much reading on my part lately.  I even started to write a post, but then upon seeing this clip from Pat Condell I realized that he had summed most of it up.

As I said, I’ve read a bit about this subject and didn’t hear anything in this clip that rang inaccurate.  He didn’t completely explain that the Visigothic church of St Vincent was torn down and the original namesake Cordoba Mosque in Spain built upon it’s ruins.  That news kind of hit a little too close to home for me.  And while I’ve heard a few times on the radio about Muslims who feel that the namesake Cordoba harkens to a time where the three religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam all lived in peace only a quick look into history will show the reality that it was anything but peaceful if you were a Jew or Christian.

As I’ve said before the current form of Islam is incompatible with the tenets that our nation was built upon.  Islam must go through a reformation if they are to exist as a religion in these United States.  

If the developers of this Ground Zero Mosque truly wanted to build a bridge between Islam and the Western world they should realize that they haven’t picked a very good place to lay the first brick.

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2 Responses to “Ground Zero Mosque”

  1. Jason Heck says:

    What are your thoughts on Ron Paul’s comments regarding the mosque, especially in regard to views on property rights?

    • wally says:

      Ron Paul is correct that this is a property rights issue and I wouldn’t support any legal challenge to the mosque construction based on anything I’ve heard so far. I’m not sure if I know any conservatives who believe that we shouldn’t protect their right to build this mosque. We may not hear much about people supporting the property rights issue, because most American’s are screaming about what a monumentally bad idea this is.

      However, Ron Paul, like President Obama seems to have only spoken to the legality of the issue and neither has addressed if they personally think it is a monumentally bad idea or not. I think both of them are playing games with the situation while most American’s are pretty clear on where they stand.

      By the way, I don’t recall ever supporting Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy. And his cracks about Islamophobia are way the heck off.