Tony Larson for Whatcom County Council

When I first heard Jean Melious candidate for Whatcom County Council at the Bill Mize forum I was very  impressed with her grasp of land use issues.  Unfortunately everything I’ve heard from her since has been like watching last seasons reruns for the third time.  Land use is her thing, it has been her thing, she apparently teaches it at the college and she lives it on the planning commission.  I heard her again more recently on The Joe Show and found her so one dimensional that every issue drifted back towards land use, seemingly because that’s all she knows.   Don’t get me wrong, she sounds like a very decent, intelligent, articulate and likeable person, but a seat on our council should require a little more breadth in your knowledge and experience base.

I’m glad there is another candidate with a little broader expertise, because I suspect the council has a few more things on their plate besides land use issues.

Tony Larson has lived most of his life here and has operated NW Business Monthly for 30 years.  He has been living and breathing what’s going on around the whole county and that will be a big benefit for a council member.   When I heard him at the Bill Mize forum he impressed me by his recognition that when more people have jobs and business is good, we have more resources for cleaning up the environment.  He also recognized that all cleanup is not equal and that we need to identify the things that offer the most “bang for the buck.”

I met Tony here in Ferndale last week and found him to be the real deal.   I think he reflects a lot of us here in Whatcom County.  A dedicate parent, a youth coach and a hardworking member of our community.   We will be well represented if we vote for Tony Larson.

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