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October 12, 2010

Bellingham stomps your vote… again!

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Last year I made the claim that the City of Bellingham was acting as a political action committee (CoBPAC) when it urged voters to oppose I-1033, which would limit funding. 

tttThe news this morning on KGMI is that last night the Bellingham City Council passed a resolution 6-1 opposing State Initiatives 1100 & 1105.   So I’ll make my claim again.  I believe that using any city resources and influence to affect the outcome of a state election qualifies the City of Bellingham as a political action committee. 

Remember, here’s how the PDC summarizes a Political Action Committee.

A political committee is any person (except a candidate or an individual dealing with his or her own resources) who expects to receive contributions or make expenditures to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure. The disclosure law applies to most groups organized to influence an election. Political parties, political action committees (PACs), and one-issue groups that disband after a single election are all political committees.

Terry Bornemann organized and presented this proposal to the council.  In doing so he  garnered several radio and news stories for his cause and I’m certain that more publicity will come now that his proposal  has become a city resolution.  Any private citizen’s group would certainly have to be registered as a political action committee if they were raise and spend money to achieve the same level of media exposure, so why is the City of Bellingham any different?

Well I don’t think the are different and I don’t think that what they have done is fair nor in the spirit of our nation.  Each one of those council members has the same vote on this state matter as you or I, but they have used their positions to diminish the power of any voter who opposes their view. 

The Bellingham City Council is just another part of the bigger is better government system that stomps on the supposed foundation of our nation; the individual voter.  

By the way, I support both I-1100 and I-1105 which would privatize the sale of alcohol, because our government really has no business being in the business of buying and selling products in a private market. 

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