She’s a Witch; Burn Her!

Over on Facebook, KGMI was refferring to an appearance by Christine O’Donnell on CNN last night.  By all accounts I’ve read of Christine O’Donnell, she would make a great senator for her state, so I’m a little sorry I’m posting this.  Only a little.  Not enough to stop me.  So every time I hear any part of the “witch” media frenzy that surrounds her, the Holy Grail witch scene plays a rerun in my head.  It’s great fun!

I know that I live a little too close to Bellingham to poke fun pagans/wiccan.  After all Bellingham has a rather large and popular house of worship that openly accepts, Christian, Jew, agnostics, atheists, humanists and yes, even pagans/wiccan.  So I should  be reverent, tolerant and not poke fun, but I probably will anyway. 

It’s obvious that the crowd of idiots represent the left leaning Democrat’s, so does that make the knight, Bill Maher?  Or is he one of the three head idiots?

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