I Swear.

Foxnews – Symbolic Oath

WASHINGTON — Keith Ellison made history Thursday, becoming the first Muslim member of Congress and punctuating the occasion by taking a ceremonial oath with a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.

“Look at that. That’s something else,” Ellison, D-Minn., said as officials from the Library of Congress showed him the two-volume Koran, which was published in London in 1764.

A few minutes later, Ellison took the ceremonial oath with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at his side.

A few thoughts came to my mind.

First, they are all happy to have duped the public into thinking it is progressive to mock the traditional swearing in ceremony. Previous leaders have sworn on the bible because the tenets put forth by Christ are for us to live together and accept all walks of life.

Second, is that they are mocking the ceremony because they simply don’t care about the ceremony any more than the basic tenets of our nation.

Or they could be mocking the basic tenets of our nation by swearing on a the holy book of a religion whose basic tenets say that a nation like ours must fall and bow to Islam.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be staring into the barrel of a gun, make sure to politely remind your new friend that they left the safety on. In other words, we are killing our nation by allowing ourselves to be polite politically correct victims.

Neither us, nor our children are served by Speaker Pelosi’s socialism nor by Congressmen Ellison’s Islam. Quick, name one communist, socialist, or Islamic nation that we should aspire to be more like. I couldn’t come up with any either, perhaps we should just conserve the nation and ideal that are working so well for us that the rest of the world wants to come here.

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5 Responses to “I Swear.”

  1. Clayton S says:

    Hi, Clayton again. Just kinda scanning around your site a bit…

    Anyway, I have another question. You’ve stated (I’ve taken some liberties) in a few other blogs that as a Christian, you are going to the Afterlife because you believe Jesus to be the Supreme Being. Then, in this, you go on with “…a religion whose basic tenants say that a nation like ours must fall and bow to Islam.” Is that not, essentially the same thing? If Muslims say all non-followers of Islam should/would/will die and Christians say that all non-believers will go to Purgatory, is that not really same?

    I don’t know, as someone who has been completely turned off any form of organised religion and just tries to be a good person, I cannot see any real difference.

    • wally says:

      Yes, I have chosen to follow Jesus, and do believe that He is God. I also believe Him when He says that “whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” The most important take home message is that from day one God has laid out the playing field and offered us a choice.

      Our nation, though developed by mostly Christians of one form or another, has no government established national religion. Our founding fathers made freedom to choose a hallmark of our nation just as it is a hallmark of Christianity.

      In our nation, built the way it is and even though we are by majority Christians, I can still choose to be Muslim, knowing that the tenets of the government will support my choice. The same can’t be said for a Christian in a Muslim nation.

      I was raised Mormon, and in throwing off that established religion I also tried to throw off faith in general. God didn’t let go of me though and I remain faithful to Him.

      I am though, with you in being turned off by organized religion, even those within the realm of Christianity. Christ never asked us to do many of the things I find those in the well established churches are demanding of their members; no rituals, no recitations, no robes nor fancy headdresses. Christ gave us a choice to believe in Him or not. I choose Him.

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