Bush Lied…ad infinitum

blpdI figured it wouldn’t take too long after the release of President Bush’s book before the monotonous drone started back up from the Bush lied, people died crowd.   I had hoped that phrase might have actually died by now, but it didn’t.  And further more, at least one imbecilic commenter couldn’t even wait for my book copy to arrive before they started up over at the Bellingham Herald Politics Blog and polluted an otherwise decent post regarding helping local veterans in need.    Probably shouldn’t complain though, I could have either not visited their blog or I should have ponied up for the express shipping. 

I did anticipate the drone, even though I had sincerely hoped it would not resurface.  I recently added an Iraq sampler to the Watch It videos.  I think it’s worth a little refresher as to the state of mind and facts of the time that were the beginning of President Bush’s first term.   We weren’t doing so well at holding the expansion of radical Islam in check and I’d hate to think what our post 9/11 world would have been like with anyone less in the Oval Office.  I am thankful that we elected George W. Bush at such a critical time in our nation’s history.  

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