I hate to drone on the subject of the Herald’s one sidedness any longer, but if they do it I will drone. It seems to be what I do, and will do until they quit doing it or their readership demands it.

The Bellingham Herald / Local / WCC sets stage for MLK Day
CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND The Bellingham Herald Whatcom Human Rights Task Force will hold its ninth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Conference, “Teaching as if Democracy Matters,” this weekend.

Keynote speakers will be author Gregory Michie and Western Washington University political science professor Vernon Damani Johnson.

Take note of the group holding this event: Bellingham Herald Whatcom Human Rights Task Force?

Why just act like the propaganda puppet for peace groups when you can be a peace group.  I’m sure this is just a slip, ya’ know, a Freudian slip.

And do you think that it was purposely left out that there will be another local celebrity at this event.


Marie Marchand will give a presentation on MLK’s philosophy of civil disobedience and an introductory session on preparing for nonviolence direct action. info Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

Could it be another slip? or Does the Herald think that maybe there is a portion of their readership that may not be ready for seminars on civil disobedience being taught at our community colleges, high schools and universities. Is it possible that their may be a few taxpayers out there that will also wonder why teachers are earning credit for learning civil disobedience?

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

The event is being supported by the Bellingham School District and the Woodring College of Education. Seven continuing education clock hours are available for educators.