The Bellingham Herald -WCC sets stage for MLK Day

I hate to drone on the subject of the Herald’s one sidedness any longer, but if they do it I will drone. It seems to be what I do, and will do until they quit doing it or their readership demands it.

The Bellingham Herald / Local / WCC sets stage for MLK Day
CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND The Bellingham Herald Whatcom Human Rights Task Force will hold its ninth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Conference, “Teaching as if Democracy Matters,” this weekend.

Keynote speakers will be author Gregory Michie and Western Washington University political science professor Vernon Damani Johnson.

Take note of the group holding this event: Bellingham Herald Whatcom Human Rights Task Force?

Why just act like the propaganda puppet for peace groups when you can be a peace group.  I’m sure this is just a slip, ya’ know, a Freudian slip.

And do you think that it was purposely left out that there will be another local celebrity at this event.


Marie Marchand will give a presentation on MLK’s philosophy of civil disobedience and an introductory session on preparing for nonviolence direct action. info Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

Could it be another slip? or Does the Herald think that maybe there is a portion of their readership that may not be ready for seminars on civil disobedience being taught at our community colleges, high schools and universities. Is it possible that their may be a few taxpayers out there that will also wonder why teachers are earning credit for learning civil disobedience?

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

The event is being supported by the Bellingham School District and the Woodring College of Education. Seven continuing education clock hours are available for educators.

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5 Responses to “The Bellingham Herald -WCC sets stage for MLK Day”

  1. wally says:

    Sorry I missed this conversation. I prefer concerned over paranoid. Paranoid implies a bit more fear and a bit less facts. I try not to go there too often. And when I am there, I try not to stay too long. Especially now that I know I might run into Poindexter there. :)

    I don’t bash civil rights nor human rights. I do bash groups that break rules and laws rather than promote legal solutions. And I can go both ways on this; for instance, to me, an anti abortion bomber is just as bad as a pro abortion bomber. It’s how they are expressing themselves (ie bomb) that I have a problem with.

    You don’t think you’re talking nonsense and I don’t think I’m talking nonsense, so where does that leave us? Well for me, I’m going to keep blogging as long as there are people out there who blame “conservatives” for the death of Christ and a myriad of other worldly woes.

    I can’t recall the last time I “flipped out”, but regardless, I am open to coffee. I just don’t know when, so I hope the offer can remain on the table for a bit.

  2. No, Wally is not paranoid. I told you, I cornered the paranoia market, and I won’t let Wally have any of it.

    Conservatives killed both Jesus of Nazereth and Martin Luther King?
    I gave you references for my General Giap claim. would you be so kind as to educate me with some references for your claim.


  3. Wally is totally paranoid!

    1) The Whatcom Human Rights Taskforce is not a peace-group. Wally just groups everybody he disagrees with into one category, as per example.

    2) He has no idea of what goes on in the workings of WWU, but just assumes that the university is out to create… wait… NONVIOLENT STUDENTS? God, how horrible. Would he rather they disagree like our foreign policy, with bombs and death-squads?

    3) It was an announcement in the Herald. It is the local newspaper. I mean, way out in Ferndale 50% of the population may be oblivious to the outside world (except for what Oreilly or Limbaugh tell them about), but there are 70,000 people in Bellingham who want to know about these things.

    4)How can you be down on a CIVIL RIGHTS group!?

    Come on. The time for playing these games is over, guys. Stop whining about the lousy liberal media because they announce events planned by professors, teachers, universities and intellectuals.

    It was conservatives that killed Jesus and Martin Luther King.

  4. It took from January 8th, 2007 until Today, the 66th anniversery of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 2007 to have enough of Wally’s nonsense?
    Just how many times did you read this before you had enough?
    In my knowing Wally,he neither flips out, or is paranoid.
    While you were overseas, you must have missed that I cornered the market on paranoia…

  5. Wally I have had enough of your nonsense. Why don’t you stop bashing civil rights? How can anyone take you seriously? Why don’t you come in and meet me for coffee, and you can stop being a paranoid freakazoid who flips out at the slightest provocation?

    What is your problem?