Letter to the Editor.

Here I am reading another letter printed in the Herald urging us to defy our democratically elected officials.

Calls for protests of Mideast battles

What can we the people do? President Bush, in seeming defiance of the November election results, appears to be escalating the Middle East battles. The Democrats appear to be going along….blah, blah blah

Hillary Clinton still supports the surge idea (sending more soldiers to Iraq)…blah, blah, blah

Protests in the faces of Hillary, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Sen. John McCain, etc. make the lives of our leaders unpleasant.

What a negative statement “make the lives of our leaders unpleasant.” This is the new progressive voice of our nation. It makes me sick. And I am sick for my children who will be growing up in a nation with such utterly low national self esteem that we have to make others feel unpleasant in order to feel good about ourselves.

I used to write more letters to the Herald, but there didn’t appear to be any interest in letters which speak positively about our nation. I tried again this morning. Here is my letter:

Contrary to most recent headlines, many people such as me are still pleased and confident with President Bush. The defense of our nation should be one of the federal government’s primary concerns. President Bush has identified threats to our nation and is dealing with them rather than rolling over in submission, as so many in our nation think we should. Islamic and socialist nations and rulers have little to offer other than suffering, oppression and hopelessness. Still many in our nation place them on pedestals and call the media to admire and report their “progressiveness.” It makes me nauseous.

We fought in support of our great nation and our way of life in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and others. Why quit on our nation now? There are also a lot of people around the world counting on us for defense because they can’t and others won’t. Let’s not quit on them either.

I support this President and I pray his successor will be even more vigorous in defense of our nation and freedom around the world.


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