Why I will quit shopping at Wal-Mart

Our nation is looking more and more like a bad sci-fi movie all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch bad sci-fi, but I’m not so sure I’m going to like living one.

And what exactly is the Wal-mart employee, or Homeland Security for that matter, going to do if we see something and say something?  We have Hezbollah setting up shop on our southern "border" at the same time our Federal government is going after Arizona for doing something after they’ve seen something and said something. 

I think Homeland security knows how many people shop at Wal-mart and think they’ll get more value out of their money making us believe they are doing something instead of actually doing something.  

When the US Government has done all it can to secure our borders, are profiling terrorists at airports not grandmas and little kids, and deporting violent criminals, then I’ll shop at a Wal-mart with a Homeland Security TV because I’ll know it is a last resort.

Care to complain as I did to Walmart?  Here’s a link to the Walmart corporate site.  I filed a complaint under their ethics section because in the opening section of their Statement of Ethics their CEO had this to say,

From the beginning, it has defined who we are as a company, and how we as associates treat each other, our suppliers and our customers.
The values that set us apart from others — respect for the individual,

I fail to see how this Orwellian policy has anything to do with respecting the individual.

This all seems a little out of character for Walmart who normally is bucking government intervention, so for the bad conspiracy, rather than bad sci-fi, movie folk you may want to wonder if a deal has been struck over the Walmart container inspection issue. 

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