Hear Ye, Hear Ye, A Crime is about to be Committed.

The Bellingham Herald / Letters to the Editor / Says war protesters plan sit-ins, arrests
… Plans of U.S. antiwar activists nationally are to sit-in congressional offices until arrested, reading off the names of both U.S. and Iraqi war dead (the ratio is now 1:217). This was done in Rick Larsen’s office in Bellingham to no avail. Meanwhile, Iraqi citizens have learned they have no voice: Over 81 percent want U.S. troops out.

This is truly a disheartening time.

Margie White Bellingham

I see the herald printing this letter as promoting criminal behavior? Imagine how many people would be screaming at the Herald if her letter said she was going to organize a gang of thieves whose plans were to start robbing congressional offices. And imagine if the letter writer were someone who had already been arrested for theft at a congressional office.

Well guess what! Trespassing, like theft, is against our laws. And she knows it, is announcing it, and has already been arrested for it.

Prior to Ganey’s arrest, another protest was held in front of the Herald Building where 75-year-old Margie White was arrested for trespassing. Whatcom Independent

One woman was arrested on September 28 when she refused
to leave the office without hearing why Larsen will not
sign the pledge. Margie White, 76, was fined over $500
for trespass based on her past record of arrests. The Nuclear Resister

It seems like her announcement is out of place in the Letters section. I guess we have the Events section, but that’s sometimes booked with deserter support rallies. Could there be a need for a whole new crime section? Not like a police blotter, but one that announces crimes about to be committed. :)

Late addition:

Occasionally the letters section does sport a positive message and we can’t let those slip by unnoticed. Today there was one such letter titled: Feels humbled by U.S. generosity. The author Martina Elenbaas speaks of American generosity and sacrifice. No where did she encourage others to commit crimes. Curious, hmmm?

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6 Responses to “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, A Crime is about to be Committed.”

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  2. wally says:

    Regarding the 12:39 comment

    I can’t see anywhere that I even came close to a threat yet the first comment from Daniel Boom used the word “reprisal” in a way that could certainly be taken as a threat. I think you might have read past the end of my post into his comment. I would never make, imply, intend nor wish a threat upon her, you or the WPJC.

    Wanting peace is not a liberal vs. conservative or republican vs. democrat thing. We all want the world to be peaceful place. The conservatives I know want peace and an end to violence as much as you and the WPJC. We may differ on the path, but the destination is the same. By the way, no anger here.

  3. wally says:

    Regarding 12:36 comment

    Is this one of those have you stopped beating your wife questions?

    I’ll step lightly with my answer. Hypothetically, if President Bush were to actually committing war-crimes, fraud and treason then I would expect the people of our nation, including myself, to bring justice upon him swiftly.

    I am concentrating not on a 78 year old woman, but on a representative of a group that I feel is harming our nation through obstruction of nation during a time of war.

    I see my self as more determined rather than insane.

  4. No they do not fear reprisals because they have not committed crimes, and you ned to seriouly re-evaluate your priorities.

    Open treason? You are out of your mind, dude. I strongly urge you to get some anger counciling before you start sieg-heiling and blow your lid.

    Are you threatening a 78-year-old nurse?

  5. How long will it be before Bush is “brought to justice” for his war-crimes, fraud, and treason?

    How can you concentrate on a 78-year-old woman sitting in a congressional office when American-armed death squads are roaming the streets of Iraq? You people are insane.

  6. Daniel Boom says:

    How long will the B.H.(Bush Haters)be allowed to use their freak show printers for crimes against America before they are brought to justice?How long will their open treason be tolerated?Do they not fear reprisals?