Knocking off a few niggly thoughts.

I’ve had a couple of items hanging around in my Coming Up box. Well I don’t have time to do them justice, but I wanted to throw a few thoughts out on them.

Larry Estrada wrote in a letter to the editor at the Herald titled Sees surge in Iraq as same old story. In it he compares the troop surge to the increase in bombing near the end of the Vietnam war. He said that sending more troops is nonsensical and that President Bush is acting against advisers, congress etc. Wasn’t it the liberals/Democrats who were just saying that President Bush wasn’t doing his job because he was not providing enough troops?Later in the same a comparison to Vietnam this statement was made,”The result was not victory but a humiliating recognition that military might cannot replace diplomacy accomplished in good faith and with reason.”

Quite a statement I thought to myself. And then cynical old me wondered: When has any Islamic nation talked with us “in good faith and with reason?”  So the comparison to Vietnam ends right there.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has a new health care plan. Require employers to pay provide health care for their employees, thus reducing the burden on the taxpayers. Is this conservative? Well isn’t conservative a relative state, an idea or action is either more or less conservative than another idea or action. California is overrun with illegals and the state is getting soaked for their health care which means that everyone is paying for it. Everyone that is except the illegals. I would deem the Governors plan as more conservative than this situation. How could it not be? Shifting some of the burden off the taxpayers onto the employer who hires them is not ideal, but at least a portion of the burden is on the illegal as health care becomes part of his wage. Too bad for them when they are fired because the employer decides that the total wage including health care is too much. This is all lose/lose until the borders are controlled.

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