PM Bellingham Show on KGMI

KGMI is shaking things up with a couple of new shows. The Debbie Chavez Show and PM Bellingham with Dillon Honcoop & Lynne Rainey.

I liked hearing the understanding, yet conservative voice of Amanda Hostetler on the airwaves in our “progressive” town, but sadly we won’t be hearing them on a regular basis anymore.
I missed Debbie’s show, but did catch PM Bellingham yesterday at 5 o’clock. PM Bellingham  is not billed as anything more than talking about stories in the news. But while not billed as leaning one way or another, it is definitely more conservative than The Liberal Outpost which follows. How could it not be? Stories last evening included subsidizing fares for low income riders of the Lummi Ferry; Cold weather safety i.e. don’t kill yourself or anyone else just to have fun; What teachers can and can’t say about condoms etc..

It was a good show overall, with lots of conservative talk like personal responsibility and sacrifice. And with the young ages of the hosts it might counteract some of the damage being done to our kids at our local schools and colleges.


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