Bellingham Herald – Working for peace woman’s ‘dream job’

This was in the Herald and it had a comment box, so comment i did. I would like to spend a few hours discussing how many levels of wrong this article possessed, but this is all I had time for:

The Bellingham Herald / Local / Working for peace woman’s ‘dream job’
Q: You must have been thrilled when the Bellingham City Council passed the Troops Home! resolution (Oct. 9).

A: Our organization created and sponsored the resolution. Our committee worked with parents of Iraq soldiers to sponsor the resolution to immediately commence the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and leave no bases behind, and to provide financial reparations. We felt it was a great victory. We joined with 107 other cities that passed similar resolutions.

As I said they had a comment box. Here is what I had to say in the time I had to say it:

I’ll try and make this quick. I admire Marie Marchand and other members of WPJC for their passion. I happen to think they are wrong in their actions and are not honest with the local public about who they are and what motivates them. But they are motivated, active and passionate.
Honesty? They won’t say the support desertion, but they support deserters such as Kyle Snyder and Ehren Watada. They say they are for social change and community responsibility when they are really promoting socialism and communism over capitalism. Why not just say it?

In the case of the troops home resolution Marie just stated “Our organization created and sponsored the resolution.”

Why didn’t she say that a national communist organization had the idea 4-5 years ago, and made a toolkit so that groups like ours can just fill in the blanks.…id=96&Itemid=62

If your socialist and communist ideals are so right for this country, then stand up and proclaim them! Don’t hide them. People like myself will think you are up to no good.

Sometime I’ll have to address the Dudley Foundation. Again probably with their heart in the right place, but again what I think is a poor plan, communism. Anyway, they donate to WPJC, but also the Tides Foundation, which is very socialist leaning and is involved with United for Peace and Justice, Pew Foundation, communist Samuel Rubin Foundation, who in turn is involved with Institute for Policy Studies which invented the troops home resolution. It all gives me a headache. Where was it again that communism has worked out well?

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3 Responses to “Bellingham Herald – Working for peace woman’s ‘dream job’”

  1. wally says:

    Rob, I appreciate your comment and I don’t doubt that Marie has acknowledged the source of the resolution in some venue or another. It’s just not reported so very few people know. I heard her tell the COB that WPJC started the resolution as a result of 2 women’s loss of their sons and that she and others agonized over every section of the resolution. With the help of the template, I could write the same resolution for Ferndale in perhaps 2 minutes?

    The national and international groups that provide cohesion, funding and direction for local peace groups such as WPJC have long histories of anti-US pro socialist/communist activity. Their programs are using the sadness we feel for war losses to push forth a camouflaged socialist program. I would expect that most people supporting WPJC don’t know this and no one is telling them. They just want to stop the suffering of war and parent groups for WPJC are providing someone to blame and action program for so they can feel they are doing something. Too bad the actions they are promoting are designed to undermine the authority of our legal process.

    I will take your point about calling someone a communist to heart. I can only go by what I see. I think there are a lot of peace activists out there that need to take a hard look at what they are doing and who they are doing it for, and then ask themselves whether or not they are socialist/communist.


  2. Rob says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything the WPJC does, but I have seen Marie Marchand speak once and she was very clear about the origin of the resolution. If you have ever been quoted by a media outlet before, you will understand how they can edit your comments. I really don’t think that she was trying to deceive anyone.

    Please be careful calling people communist. It could come back to bite you. There has been a very good case made by some truly conservative scholars that the neo-conservative political agenda is nothing more than re-packaged communism. I understand how easy is easy to get swept away in a national collectivist fervor for sure, but be aware that some day it could be you that is called communist.

    You have a very well built site. I hope that you continue to search for the truth.

  3. Steve says:

    1. Marchand = bad news, I agree with your concerns about communism, she’s on the Herald editorial staff, which is very strange.

    2. Bellingham PM – dumb name for a show, and the hosts are obviously not too smooth (read: experienced). But they are conservative young people. and that’s cool. Interesting that neither is from Bellingham. I don’t get the name. I think they should use “The Young Lynden Conservatives Hour”, or something like that. The show would actually get more attention, which in that business is a good thing.

    3. Doug Ericksen is as good a representative as we’ll ever have in Olympia. He goes out of his way to be responsive to ANY constituents, so I agree, the rant about him is bizarre.

    4. Jefferson’s Koran, leading to his understanding of the Muslim goal of Jihad and world conquest helped TJ decide to send the Marines to the Barbary Coast, where we defeated the Muslims and their pirate ships (“from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…”). Taking the oath of office for Congress using THAT tome is akin to using Roosevelt’s copy of Mein Kampf. There really is no difference.

    Yes, although we’ve been blessed with so much, it truly is a strange world we live in. Satan is present in the hearts and minds of many people.